Human immune variation

Heritable and non-heritable influences explain immune system variation

Human immuns systems are incredible variable, but the sources of this variation remain elusive. Both heritable and non-heritable factors contribute. Recent data suggest that each individual has a unique immune cell composition, that is stable over time in healthy adults in the absence of an infection, vaccination or other stimulating factors (Carr et al, Nature Immunology, 2016, Shen-Orr et al, Cell Systems, 2016, and Tsang et al, Cell, 2014)

The influences of heritable and non-heritable factors shaping human immune systems have been quantified in an analysis of healthy twins   Brodin, Jojic et al. Cell, 2015

Interactive visualisation

Human immune systems vary along a continuum

Healthy individuals vary with respect to their immune cell composition in a manner that changes with age, sex and CMV serostatus.

Predictable human immune responses

Functional immune cell responses to stimulation in vitro could be predicted from immune cell composition alone using Partial Least Square regression

Kaczorowski et al, PNAS 2017